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Wag-a-tail has had the pleasure of looking after a bunch of kittens and the mother for a few months.   When family members were not able to give them the proper care, Doreen was called and stepped in to help.  She brought them extra bowls for water, dry and wet food, and additional litter boxes as there wasn’t enough. Doreen also happened to come in contact with another client who donated a bunch of food.  This saved the family a lot of money.

When the family tried and couldn’t find good homes for the kittens and mother, Wag-a-tail called around and found a local rescue.  They came and picked up all the cats in no time, and all were placed in good homes soon after.

The family was very grateful for the items they received from Doreen, her daily help, and getting the rescue to help.

Doreen is the utmost caring professional when handling your pets and home while you are away. She will keep in as little or as much communication with you as you would like to help you stayed informed of things as well. Having someone like Doreen taking care of our Frosty and checking in on home while we are way gives us a great peace of mind. Meghan.


Doreen, Just a note to say thanks for the wonderful care you take of Hershey. Through thick and thin, good weather bad weather and even when you have been under the weather I have seen you looking after our “Baby”. Its a true testament to your skills when we see Hershey up and at the door tail wagging when you show up for her walk. THANK YOU.


Very reliable and flexible. Doreen has been walking Max for 9 years now, and we’ve never had any issues with her service, always on time, always friendly and trustworthy. Doreen house sat Max many times while I was on vacation and I was never disappointed. Great service.


I would recommend Doreen to anybody with 100% confidence. I would definitely ask Doreen to look after my furry family member whenever we will be away. She is professional, caring, and detailed. She went beyond our expectations and provided the best care to my cat! We absolutely felt confident that our cat was in good hands.

Noriko K.

Doreen Poirier has been looking after little Felix since 2015. Until that time my husband and I could always count on family or close friends for pet care. Circumstances changed. Honestly, Doreen has been a God send. Doreen is kind, professional, and knowledgeable.

Felix by nature is a scaredy cat; yet he has easily warmed up to Doreen. Furthermore, Felix has renal disease, a common condition of aging cats. It has been a great comfort to know that Doreen will take him to a caring vet in our absence; should it be necessary. Doreen is also very thorough! And when you are traveling or away from home for any reason, Doreen is accessible by phone or email with timely updates.

I highly recommend Doreen and Wag a tail for your beloved animal care.

As the Hawaiians say, Doreen is part of our Ohana.

Sincerely, K B

Doreen has been a loyal and reliable dog walker for us since 2013. She has literally never missed a day or a walk. My dog Snoop Dog sits in the window upstairs and as soon as he sees her truck he flies down the stairs to greet her. She is reliable, kind and a wonderful dog walker. She is attentive and observant. She leaves notes to let us know how Snoop’s walk went that day and notices if he seems tired or if anything seems amiss. She has been able to help us out on weekends and holidays when our work schedule is hectic. Doreen is 100% reliable. I simply cannot say enough good things about Doreen, her service and her kindness to our Snoop Dog. I highly recommend her. She is a part of our family!

M & S

Doreen at Wag-a-tail has provided an invaluable dog walking service to our family for over 8 years. We have had four dogs over this period of time covering all ages, from young puppies to senior dogs and Doreen has managed them all with the utmost reliability and professionalism. Most of all, our dogs love their walks with Doreen and wait for her patiently on dog-walking days. You can always count on Wag-a-tail to be there when needed whether it is for a regular walk or an emergency. You never have to worry about your pets being cared for.

Cathy and Ian C.

We have had the privilege of having our 10-year-old diabetic cat Panther, well looked after by Wag-a-tail Pet Care services.

During our Thanksgiving weekend away and our recent Christmas one-week holiday Panther received both of his injections daily. Panther was reluctant to eat, drink, and use his litter box both trips as we later believed he was anxious, or upset, that we were away. Wag-a-tail did not take any chances with Panther’s health and well-being and were ready to take Panther to the local vet. Fortunately, each time, Panther began to eat, drink, and use his litter box just as the decision had been made to take him to the vet.

We were looking for a new vet and Wag-a-tail Pet Care service informed us of a 24-hr. vet called the Bristol Vet just five minutes from our house that was highly recommended. This is now our vet. Panther was given lots of love and attention and we came home to a very happy and healthy cat both times. We will continue to use Wag-a-tail Pet Care services and we highly recommend this company to anyone who requires caring, responsible, and dedicated people to look after their pets.


For a professional dog walker and cat sitter service, call or text me at

Wag-a-tail is fully vaccinated (No. 5), and will continue with any future vaccines recommended by our Government.

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